Halloween in West Hollywood 2013

This was the third year that I’ve made it out to the West Hollywood Halloween street party, going with my friend Kim again, and we had a blast. We’ve learned that it’s a good idea to get there early and go out to eat first before hitting the boulevard, as things just get crazier and more claustrophic the later it gets. As always it’s a mix of people and some really creative costumes, and loads of gay boys and drag queens everywhere. We shot a bunch of pictures and I found myself casually getting felt up a couple times by the not-so-innocent bystanders.

Later on we were able to meet up with Ikaras Jones who was decked out in an amazing full-body latex outfit and who was accompanied by none other than bondage legend Lorelei and her boyfriend Jon Woods. Wherever they went there was a big crowd of people waiting to take pictures with the bound and gagged Lorelei. As we continued on the crowd just continued to swell and eventually Kim got separated from us. There was a frantic moment of “Uh oh, what now?” but eventually I was able to get a text message through and we finally met up back at the car. My feet were killing me by then, even with my low heels and we fought the traffic out of Hollywood and back to the Valley. It was another fun and very memorable time and hopefully we’ll be back again next year…Oh, and I still have no idea what’s going on with that guy with the thing on his head in picture nine below!

4 thoughts on “Halloween in West Hollywood 2013”

  1. Looks like a good time had by all and great work with the costumes and makeup, folks :)

    …I hope Lorelei didn’t suffer ” itchy nose syndrome ” too often that night :)

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