Thirteen Years of Trannies In Trouble

Well, it’s that time of year again, March 23rd, and the anniversary of Trannies In Trouble, thirteen years now and going strong. Perfect timing too, as my friend TT who’s a very skilled website designer just finished the new look on the site, which went up over the weekend. The new front page is below, and underneath it the way the site used to look way back at the start in 2003. TT reworked the old “kidnap text” that used to be on the front page and added some bright colors. So the site has changed a lot, and at the same time in other ways it’s still the same CD / Trans Girls in Bondage site that it’s always been.

As always thanks so much to everyone who currently supports the site or has supported it in the past. Without you it would just be an occasional update in the Yahoo Group on those weekends when I could get away from what would probably be my lucrative data-entry career and talk someone into getting tied up (which, well, probably wouldn’t be that hard.) And thanks too to everyone who just checks out and enjoys the free pages. That’s totally okay too.

Although it is a paysite – and I couldn’t do it without all the paying customers – in many ways it’s also a labor of love. Looking back I don’t know if I’d actually recommend starting up a bondage website as a wise career path for any enthusiastic newbies, especially if they’re looking to get rich. But it has been fun (well, most of the time) and I’ve met so many nice people and have made some dear friends. So thanks to everyone in our small and unique little scene – it is kind of crazy and must look completely wacky to outsiders. But here we all are. In any case, I’ll be shooting more in the year ahead and hope we’ll all be back here again for next year’s anniversary! Till then…Hugs, Sandra

9 thoughts on “Thirteen Years of Trannies In Trouble”

  1. Wow, 13 years!! I can’t guess how many times you have bound or been bound. Can you comment on how bondage styles might have changed in those years? Shibari was quite unknown. Fashions?? A huge change in camera technology, you might have been shooting film in the beginning.
    Keep your creativity flowing, it’s what makes TiT so engaging, oh, other than your boobs……….


  2. Thanks so much, Volcane! Good to hear from you…Yes, Shibari’s become huge since those early days, seems almost like the default style of bondage you see now when you go to many dungeons and some conventions…I shot some film back in the 90s but never really for T’s in Trouble, just started with a small point and shoot camera that one day just shorted out and fried. I remember a friend who had a 2 megapixel camera back then with strobes and umbrellas and that was just awesome. The pictures were actually pretty good even though they were small, now I’m shooting with a 20 megapixel camera, things have changed indeed. It’s still always the inspiration though that counts the most, which inevitably rises and falls, but it’s usually fun and I just want to keep it going :-)

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