Still Ambivalent About Facebook

(Here’s a little thing I just posted on Facebook about my maxed-out profile over there. I try not to log on there very often but if you would like to follow me the link is down at the bottom of this post. Also a preview pic from next week’s update with a photo by Delilah – a recent fun one!)

Hi Everyone…As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been pretty much maxed out at the 5000-friends limit that Facebook imposes for quite a while now. I’ve thought of changing my profile to a so-called “fan” page, but that doesn’t really excite me much, since apparently I’d lose all my Facebook email and groups.

To be honest I rarely post over there and I try to limit my time on Facebook. There are a few people whom I have crushes on from a distance and secretly stalk from time to time, and a few friends and people I work with in real life whom I stay in touch with, and listings for karaoke nights that I sometimes check out. But overall I have mixed feelings about the site. If I spend too much time on Facebook I’ll often feel crappy emotionally afterwards, as if my head has become scrambled and anxious, and I end up feeling more alone and disconnected than before I logged on. (I know I’m not the only one who experiences this – it’s a thing.) So I try to keep it short and sweet.

So if you’ve written me and I haven’t replied most likely it’s not personal at all. A lot of times I don’t even know when someone’s written me and I have about six hundred friend requests in the queue on Facebook. In the meantime if you do want to follow me for my three or four yearly posts feel free to just click on the follow button on my profile. And again, if I haven’t accepted your friend request, believe me, it’s so not personal. I just don’t have the space to add new friends…Thanks! ~Sandra

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