Heading Into 2021

I hope everyone had a nice time over Christmas and Hanukkah. Christmas was quiet for me but still a pleasant day. I did a zoom call with my family earlier in the afternoon (before dressing!) There are only four of us now, and while I love my family very much, they are, well, family, and can sometimes drive me crazy. I find with zoom calls I often tend to shut down emotionally and mentally edit what I share with them, which brings me down. So this time I tried to make a point of talking more about what was really on my mind, without being a jerk about it.

At one point my sister in law suggested we all have another zoom call on New Year’s Eve. In the past I might have just reluctantly gone along with it, but this time I basically told them, “Well, I’m going to be dressing up and wearing makeup so maybe we should do it another time.” My brother and sister in law just laughed, and I have no idea what my Mom thought, as she didn’t say anything at all, but at least I spoke up. Sometimes it’s best to just tell the truth and be done with it – and if I did that all the time I’d probably be a lot happier – but it sure ain’t easy!

In any case I’m feeling a bit uncertain about what the new year will bring. I always wonder at the end of the year if I’ll still be regularly shooting new material for Trannies In Trouble this time next year. Most likely I will be, but with this year we’ve just lived through anything is possible. In any case it’s coming up fast. I hope you all have a fun and relaxing time Thursday night – Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “Heading Into 2021”

  1. It can only get better my friend….hope you have a great New Year and enjoy it for what it is…getting rid of 2020

    best legs on the net!!!

    love lou

  2. Thank you for being here for us. Always look forward to seeing you, you have the best legs and bottom on the web.

    May everyone have a safe and better new year.

  3. Hi Sandra. Wishing you (and all your models) all the best for 2021 and hopefully some new photoshoots will be on the cards (on-going Covid notwithstanding!). Melissa in sunny Australia.

  4. Thanks, Melissa! I’m hoping to get some stuff scheduled fairly soon for new shoots, just did a couple more solo ones recently too…Take care and all the best! ~Sandra

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