Fantasy and Reality

Many of us have fantasies of being strictly bound and gagged and left helpless for hours on end, unable to get free and completely at the mercy of whoever tied us. It’s hot, I agree!

But then there’s reality. One thing I’ve heard many times over the years doing bondage photoshoots is that the reality of being strictly tied up is way tougher than expected. I was shooting with someone just a couple weeks ago who said the same thing – they love the hot fantasies of being hogtied and helpless for hours on end but the reality is much different – after ten minutes they were ready to call it quits. And hey, I’m the same way. I’m pretty tough and can take a lot, but still. The pics below were all super-intense scenes that were hot to endure but in each of them I was thinking, “Get those photos and then get me out of this!”

The hogtie was by Delilah, the intense tape gag tie by ScorpioBD and the hooded hogtie by Michael Keye. That last one was especially tough, mentally I just had to endure it and try to keep calm. Looking at the photo now it’s really hot but at the time that hood was very challenging and nearly freaked me out as it was so tight and confining. It might not look like it but it was. I’d definitely have to prepare myself to do something like that again!

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  1. Goodness you are gorgeous. I can understand the reality vs fantasy aspect of this. I appreciate the effort you rrally are the best in the biz!

  2. One of the many things I loved about our session was that, having experienced so much of it yourself, you knew exactly how to make the bondage very stringent and inescapable, yet it was all “do-able”, and that takes a great deal of skill and nuance. :)

    I saw the videos you did with Michael, sooo hot, as I could tell just how edgy it was for you.

  3. You always look gorgeous as a damsel-in-distress. Thank you for another year of great photos, stories and you.
    Have a happy and safe holiday season************

  4. If you (rhetorically speaking) are the least bit claustrophobic, hoods aren’t for you. The first time I tried an intricate leather hood with a zipper AND lace up ties, I thought I’d hyperventilate. My heart was racing much to the speed of my mind. It was so damn confining. I almost freaked out and gave up.

    Yet, as time went forth and I began to get familiar the with the confinement, a strange sense of calm began to take over. A feeling of serenity. The hood I was encased has a mouth opening that will allow a gag to be inserted. . which I do to complete the bondage. I prefer ballgags. Once the gag has been cinched tight, the entire space goes black. It’s a total feeling of being in subspace. Just like it’s supposed to be. The only holes left available are small breathing holes but they don’t account for much in volume.

    This breathing allows air from the inside to expand and contract the hood like a leather membrane. I can feel a rhythmic pattern of in and out contractions. It’s really very freeing sorta like a calming rapsody. A far cry from my first attempt which bordered on a panic attack. From then on, applying hoods became second nature. A second skin that only enhances the bondage experience. I dote on the sensations. It’s a wonderful additive to the session. But I’ll freely admit, hoods aren’t for the squeamish.

  5. Btw, you may not agree, but you look SMOKIN’ hot in this hood. I hope in time you come to enjoy them. You can’t take a bad picture.

  6. As a newbie to bondage, I totally understand what you mean. Seeing videos and pics of hot bondage definitely makes the imagination run wild, but when you’re the one tied up and gagged its a whole new beast.

    Ive been following you, Sandra, since I was about 13 or 14 (Im 30 now) and i always wondered if id ever be able to handle real bondage. Well i finally got my chance last year at the hands of HoseNRopeLuvr, and part of what drew me to him was that YOU had been tied by him a couple of times. Like i said, big fan over here lol. But that first tie, while still very hot, was not quite how id imagined it. Totally slipped my mind that there might be a degree of discomfort.

    But regardless, I can’t wait to do it again, now that i have a modicum of experience.

    Best wishes,

  7. it could also be by position. i imagine being hogtied is like exercising since you’re flexing muscles that might not be stretched that way normally. also, if you’re on your chest, you probably have a harder time breathing with all that pressure being built up.

    i’ve always wanted to be mummified by duct tape and it looks a bit easier on the body if you keep your arms straight or at least crossed in a manner that doesn’t restrict the blood flow too badly.

  8. usually my sb sessions are over within 5mins


    that one time where i slipped in and got stuck

    it was hot
    trying sincerely

    but i needed someone to find me
    before i slipped away

    even too though
    yea its tricky

    nice read

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