Dental Excitement

Wow, no blogging for a while. I’ve had some down moments lately, nothing major, just that occasional existential dread at three in the morning. I’ve probably been spending too much time at the computer fighting with HTML and not enough time out having fun. So, today’s big fun was…going to UCLA to get my teeth cleaned! Whoo hoo! I’ve been going there for several years now and letting the dental students clean my teeth because they’re quite a bit cheaper than going to a regular dentist. So I was laying there, dozing off while the nice dental student scraped away when I realized there was an incident in the booth across the hall. Some poor guy apparently had a seizure or stroke or something sitting in the chair and the place was suddenly crawling with paramedics and doctors. On the upside, if you’re going to have a medical incident I guess you couldn’t pick a better place than in a teaching hospital. So they worked on this guy for a while and he was completely out of it, incoherent and confused. I felt really sorry for him. They carted him off to the ICU and we went back to scraping.

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