Creepy “Captivity” Billboard

I was out the other day and saw the billboard for this new movie “Captivity,” and thought, “Wow, that is really sick.” It was located right across the street from an elementary school, believe it or not. And later I saw another one at a city bus shelter.

Now I enjoy a good horror movie, but even I thought it was a bit much to have such a gruesome image inflicted on everyone who goes by, including children. I know if I were eight years old and saw this, I’d be thoroughly traumatized by it.

And I just heard on the evening news that there have been so many complaints about the ads here in L.A., that the studio has decided to take all the billboards down. It makes you wonder if it wasn’t just a very successful publicity stunt. They’ve gotten all kinds of attention for their movie, which is what you want.

The big question: Does it have any good bondage in it? I saw the trailer for it and it looks like it might have one or two tame moments – maybe hand gagging and wrists tied together. But of course, who knows? Early reviews seem to say that it’s pretty bad and basically a rip off of the “Saw” movies. Will I go see it? Well, yeah, I probably will – but I’ll wait till it comes out on DVD.

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