Bondage / Hanging Mishap

Here’s an article that immediately caught my eye when I saw it in a random unrelated Google search. What an awful way to die (then again, maybe it was the ultimate thrill for him – though we’ll never know). And what a nightmare for his girlfriend. Another good lesson, don’t try this at home, and don’t rely on a dull knife.

Don’t you also love the way they use the word “pervert” in the headline? The word has such a connotation of, “Ah, what the hell, he was just a pervert anyway…” Like, why even bother giving the guy the time of day? Of course, I guess it did catch my attention. Not to tempt the gods, but if I ever ended up in a bad bondage mishap, I can only guess what the headline would be – though they’d use the word “transvestite” too, which I rather like.

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