Anyone Know These Pics?

(Update: Thanks to everyone who replied to this post and sent me the link for the site!)

Someone on MySpace reposted these terrific Asian bondage pictures on their profile and I’m dying to know which website they come from. I’ll join it in a second if they take US dollars. I normally wouldn’t repost someone else’s pictures but I’m just really really curious. I don’t know if those are Japanese or Chinese characters on the text, but I do know they’re some hot pictures, and just the kind of office girl / girl next door in bondage stuff that I really love. And hey, they’re Asian girls too, so that’s even better. So anyway, if you know where these pictures come from, just post a comment with the link or feel free to email me directly. My email address is on the email link on my website.


5 thoughts on “Anyone Know These Pics?”

  1. Sandra it is Japanese, if you are interested I have some Japanese CD&TV links both bondage and non bondage if you are interested and they are almost as beautiful as you are. Babs

  2. I am the same as you Sandra. I love to see girl next door fully dressed yet very sexy when all tied up with panties showing like these pictures, and especially when they are Asian girls. I sure would love to look like them someday….maybe next life :D

  3. hi
    already write to u efore about my situation with my girlfrien ? and my envy to u and ur life style ..
    hope everithing is ok for u
    u want the web site for this ++
    hope u like it click on 18 and more and have a lot of video
    hope can u like
    and i hav tell u i want to be one of ur model but i never get any answer…

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