Red Wig and Dress

Well, I finally got around to that set with the red hoodie dress and red wig. It was a very strict and intense duct tape bondage and as the set progresses I also get blindfolded, which was a real turn on ;-) Here are a couple of “extra” shots below that didn’t make it in. I’ll be posting the full set on Friday for this week’s update.

More Computer Crap – I finally got the computer all back up and running over the weekend after that nasty computer virus. On the plus side, the computer’s probably running about as well as it ever does. It’s always so peppy after a clean install! I took a friend’s advice and made a cloned copy of the “C” drive onto an external hard drive, and I’m adding a larger “D” drive, so I’ll make a second cloned copy on the old drive just for extra insurance. If I get nailed again theoretically it should be fairly easy to copy the clone back to the “C” drive and be back up and running without the hassle of re-installing Windows and all those programs, some of which are so bloated.

I’m kind of freaked out now about going online though. I’ll probably start using Firefox more, as it’s “supposed” to be a bit safer than IE, though it’s debatable. Apparently more and more viruses are being written to target Firefox as it becomes more popular. It’s funny, though, are there kids out there who have the secret desire to grow up and be computer virus programmers? (“I want to mess up people’s computers and extort money from them! That’s what I want to do!”) I guess the answer’s yes.

While re-installing all my software I noticed too how many programs there are that, as a service, make a database of all the crap on your computer, thereby nicely slowing it down – a special feature, just for you! Nero is one of the biggest offenders, with Nero Scout. Why would I possibly want some CD burning software to index everything on my computer and run in the background doing it’s thing? Thankfully with a little work, you can shut down all these processes, but they’re all so unnecessary to begin with.

Okay, I’ll take a deep breath, and hopefully no more computer news for a while. I’ve obviously had this stuff on my mind way too much! Bondage would be much more preferable ;-)

12 thoughts on “Red Wig and Dress”

  1. Red is truly a good color for you Sandra. You are a stunning woman both tied and untied. Even Julie Newmar would be jealous of your long legs.

  2. Boo Hoo Hoo !!!

    I’ve viewed the promo pix for the photo set and it just breaks my heart to see those super-fun shiny tan nylons – which you fill up so nicely, dearest !!! – all goobered up with duct tape. Of course, they’ll be ruined after the bondage is over and they come off.
    I know I know I know – we should think of nylons as a consumable but I just can’t help myself.
    Snags, runs, holes, Ugh!

    Sob! Moan! Boo Hoo!

  3. Hi Dim,
    Sorry to shock you ;-) They did have a good life though and were starting to get worn in spots, so it was time for some major Duct Tape! Plenty more of those in the drawer though :-)

  4. Firefox wouldn’t have saved you from Antivirus Live. AL belongs to a set of fake anti-virus ransomware malicious programs constantly being rewritten to get through anti-virus scanners. Typically, they download in the background through a hidden window from a malicious site, or a bit of poisoned advertising on a site you think is usually or always safe. They land in your temporary directory — which no browser for Windows maintains execution control over — run and gain control of the system. They then drop copies on your hard disk and rewrite the registry, the thing the PC consults on start-up, so that they load everytime you boot.

    What you used can get regularly get rid of them. HiJackThis is another free program that is helpful. You use it to make a copy of your registry in a text file and the next time you run into one of these things — you always know it — you rerun the program and it compares your new ‘poisoned’ registry and the old one. You’ll notice differences — new additions, and those are the virus — and you can ask HiJackThis to eliminate them.

    Sometimes the virus will fight back and make it hard for such programs to remove them while they’re in control. The one you used and the one I use have some workarounds and Googling the name of the thing that has you always turns up a recipe for defeating the malicous software.

    From your post, it sure looks like you know how to do all that. Although I’ve never reformatted and reloaded an operating system after removing them.

    Still, good show.

    Incidentally, there was a long period of time between the early Nineties and the middle of last decade in which thousands and thousands of viruses were written by people who had no idea how to make money off them. Broadband global access and comerce coupled with Windows foibles changed all that. Now it’s a major organized crime thing.

    The blog and pictures are fantastic! Even that description seems quaintly inadequate.

  5. Thanks for the interesting comments, DD. Yes, I think I did get Antivirus Live from a normally legit site, possibly on some poisoned advertising, as you say. I have heard of HiJackThis and will have to check it out and keep it in reserve if I get nailed again. These days, it’s almost like “when” I get nailed again.

    Google definitely was a big resource in figuring out how to disable this thing. I probably could have continued on as is after MalwareBytes took care of the virus but my computer’s been a little sluggish lately so I took it as a sign that it was probably time for a clean install ;-) It’s amazing that criminals are making money, probably good money, off these nasty things.

    Glad you like the blog and pictures. Interesting blog you have there yourself. Are you in National Security?

  6. Long story short, more or less by accident, yeah. Many years ago I wrote an early book on viruses, also an accident, and that started things off.

  7. Sandra, just a quick hi to say thank you for linking to my blog and secondly – WOW – you look fabulous. The whole outfit is perfect and then with you in it with the tape – 110% fantastic. KW xx

  8. Sandra, That red dress LQQKs stunning on you . It also enhances your lovely breasts. Your legs appear so devine clad in those nylons. Overall great look.

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