Canon 7D versus the Barbie Video Girl – Camera Comparison

For all you bondage photographers there’s always that question of which camera to buy next, a new DSLR with video…or the Barbie Video Girl? Brandon Bloch made this funny video comparing the two cameras feature by feature – a very tough call.

FetCon – I also just got back from Florida yesterday and hope to have some pictures from FetishCon up here on the blog in a few days. It was a fun time!

One thought on “Canon 7D versus the Barbie Video Girl – Camera Comparison”

  1. Regarding the use of dslr cameras for video the main problem is that you can only shoot about 10 to maybe 20 minutes without overheating the sensor and causing degradation and then shutdown. As I may not have a dedicated camera person, I leave one or 2 video cams on tripods to catch all the action and they have to run unattended for 30 or more min’s (typically). If you have a camera person they would note the overheating and could shut them down and then, depending on ambient room temperature, they could start them up again in about 10 min’s. The advantages, on the surface of dslr videos are obvious but they still haven’t solved the hot sensor issue. Here’s a typical quote from a camera forum: “…February 2010 my brother and I both purchased two 7D’s and had the exact same results on all Video record formats. Indoor at 67 degrees within the first 10 minutes (or less) Video recording the Overheating icon displayed and shortly there after the camera shut down for overheating. …”

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