Designer Abductions in France

It looks like there’s a company in Paris that’s doing pretty well with the “kidnapping for hire” business, where for about $1,200 dollars (900 Euros) you can be grabbed off the street and bound and gagged for several hours. Surprisingly the police don’t have any problem with it, but just ask to be forewarned beforehand in case someone witnesses the “kidnapping” and reports it as a real crime. Apparently they’ve been getting about two requests a day. Geez, maybe I’m in the wrong business – although after doing a dozen kidnappings I’d probably be yearning to be in the client’s role ;-)

One thought on “Designer Abductions in France”

  1. Yikes yes let’s start a business, we could tag team the victim. Of course American police probably wouldn’t be as understanding as the French. I have done public things and wondered if I just told the police that they’d be OK with it. I guess movie makers do it all the time so just look like you’re making a movie. Maybe some big reflectors that you always see to make the starlet look better. What I did was duct tape my tripod to my passenger seat facing at the cargo area of my rav4. Then my victim sort of pretended to be tied up as we drove though the city. She’d put her hands behind her back and put in a ball gag and squirm around the cargo area. If it looked like someone would have a view into the back I’d tell her to take out the ball gag and act ‘natural’. I think the most trouble we could have gotten into was the seat belt law.

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