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I almost feel sorry for the folks at MySpace, what with their recent redesign of the site, which frankly is completely unextraordinary and still as slow and sluggish as it’s ever been. I only log on there a few times a month to quickly answer some emails and click on friend requests, but it’s always an exercise in frustration. You click on something and the site churns away for ten seconds before it replies. Facebook, while it has its own negatives (and the recent David Fincher movie is fabulous!), does seem to be much peppier and responsive.

My favorite is still Fetlife, which has become THE site for kinksters. There’s another one that I also feel sorry for, MyDungeonSpace, which has just been blown away by Fetlife, with good reason – not to be rude, but it is stunning in its lameness. Then there’s (where I actually met a very close friend) and (rarely ever check it anymore) and CollarMe. I’m on almost all of these sites, except CollarMe, but Fetlife is the one I use the most. If you’d like to look me up on any of them just search for Sandra Gibbons or my old kitty_friend_99 (I think I use that on ALT but my profile may be turned off at the moment – Yeah, I check it that often). They’re all major time wasters but we seem to be stuck with ’em. You won’t however ever find me playing “Farmville” on Facebook. Even I have my limits ;-)

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    For myself, FetLife is not a very fun place these days. Unless you’re Mr or Miss Popularity it’s just like being at a party where all the guests are doing god knows what and you’re the only one sitting on the sidelines. Just my take on it.

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