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Most of us have probably seen videos on YouTube that we wish we could save to our computers. I’ve also seen streaming bondage videos on other sites and wished I could save them. Well, probably the owners of these sites don’t want you to do that, and I’m not advocating any questionable behavior (I would never do that!), but actually in most cases it can usually be done with a minimum of hassle. If you’re on YouTube, for example, usually all you need to do is make sure that the entire video buffers completely (make sure that little shaded red bar at the bottom extends all the way over to the right). Then if you’re using Windows Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History > Settings > View Files. Clicking on “View Files” will open up a window showing you all those temporary files that get downloaded when you surf the web. Make sure the files are listed by “Last Accessed” (check out those tabs along the top of the page if you need to) and look for a recent file that is relatively large in size. YouTube videos often start with the word “videoplayback?” and then a bunch of letters and numbers. Just right click on the file and go to “copy.” Then using Windows Explorer go to a folder on your computer where you store your ever-growing collection of bondage videos and right click and “paste.” Then you’ll have to right click on the file and go to “rename” and change the file’s file name extension to .wmv and you should have it.

I probably shouldn’t be discussing how to do all this, although with a quick Google search you could find out the same thing on numerous sites. I just think it’s always a little ridiculous when a site is set up so that you can’t save pictures or videos. If it’s on the web there’s a way to save it. Now for a shameless plug, I have a very small Clips4Sale Streaming Video Site, and really I would recommend that if anyone joins it they should definitely go to the trouble of saving the videos that are there, as I’ve always felt that if you can view something, and especially if you’re paying to view it, you should be able to save it. Of course, a much more cost-effective option would be to just join the main site, where you can download all the videos and many more and all my still pictures too. But I know a lot of people do like Clips4Sale. I sometimes even buy things there myself from other producers whom I like a lot.

Fetlife has also recently set up their site so that you can no longer download the pictures that people upload onto their profiles. This shouldn’t stop anyone. If I absolutely have to have a picture, I just use Firefox and go to Tools > Page Info > Media and there you have a listing of all the elements on the page, with options to save any of them. I know there’s also a quick javascript fix to disable the “no right clicking save as function” but I haven’t figured it out yet. If anyone knows that solution, feel free to leave a comment. I’ve read a few descriptions online but they weren’t easy to follow.

So, again, I’m not encouraging anyone to do anything “wrong” but there are ways around these limitations if you choose to go there.

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  2. In XP simply download a free program called MW Snap for capturing pics on screen, in Vista or 7 use the Snipping Tool. Jdownloader works for capturing video from most sites but not Fet! It also works in Linux.

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