Being Tall

I was at the grocery story this morning getting snacks for the TEASE party tonight and saw a genetic woman who must have been 6′ 3″ and wearing low heels, which probably made her even a couple inches taller. The nice thing is that she looked all dressed up for the office, with a nice skirt and top and killer legs. The thing that struck me though was how much she stood out because of her height. I’m six feet tall myself, without heels, and have commented before how I’ll never really pass because of that, along with other tell-tale signs, and people often say, “Oh but there are lots of tall women out there!” Which is true, but whoa, those tall women who are out there – they really stand out! Which again, for a CD, “standing out” kind of kills it for passing. Just an observation ;-)

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  1. I am a tall cd 194 cm. At first my hight was a real problem to me, but today I find my hight is a great thing, so I can now do my shopping among genetic women (and men as well) in my high heels, and enjoy when they are watching. yours dizzy

  2. Height is something that stereotypically outs trans people when in reality there are many tall women with masculine features that people speculate are “Men” when they are not. So just own it ! :D

  3. I LOVE tall women because they usually have great legs, and everything is in proportion just taller. My dear you have wonderful legs so just revel in it

  4. Sandra, when dressed you are gorgeous. You have a pretty face, great legs, a nice round bottom and what a nice bosom too. I just know if I ever saw you dressed in public I would be checking you out. Oh happy holidays.

  5. I attend several girls basketball and volley ball games at Seattle University and there’s a huge crop of 6’+ gorgeous, atheletic, self confident girls about to flood the general population. :) These games take place at any near college near you and are generally very inexpensive. Great therapy for that tall-phobia girl.

  6. Hi Sandra!

    Interesting post. I’m tempted to say “just wait a few years” as I’ve lost an entire inch at age 57 from my youthful days, but for me at 5’9″ I still am probably too tall in 5″ heels. However, I think that’s less of an issue than my most salient problem: bony Adam’s Apple (that makes me love turtlenecks!). It does seem that in modern times people are just getting taller so height seems like less of an issue.

    Love your musings here!


  7. Well, as long as you can still find really nice nylons, tights, and pantyhose in a size to fit comfortably… then I don’t know if it matters.
    But I still want to see you put together an NFL-Cheerleader outfit with the suntan costume tights. RAH RAH RAH!

  8. I never understand why TV’s when out wear high heels if they wish to pass. If I’m out shopping I always wear flats even then I’m 5 foot 9 son still pretty tall for a woman.

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