What is it About Facebook?

There are some friends and nice people whom I occasionally hear from on Facebook but I also get so many weird emails, to the point that I sometimes wonder if I should just cancel my profile. I’d say it’s certainly one of the sketchier social networking sites out there despite its mainstream popularity. And I don’t log on too often because of that and finally turned off the option for anyone to post anything on my “wall,” because it was just too much work to clean up. I’ve probably gotten more marriage proposals on there and emails with long passages of purple prose talking about love and searching for one’s soulmate, all from perfect strangers whom I’ve never talked with before. It’s always a little disconcerting to get those, especially when there’s no mention of crossdressing or bondage or any reference to any common interests. I’m always thinking, “This person certainly knows I’m a CD, right?” I assume they do and maybe they consider it bad manners to address it directly, but hey, no, actually if someone writes and says, “I love crossdressers and bondage” that’s great (well, hopefully they’ll write a little more than just that.) But even then we might actually have a conversation.

Just this evening I also got a request for money from someone who’s going through a tough patch. I’m sorry to hear about that but there are probably other sources of support than a strange tranny with some sissy maid pictures, but I’m just guessing here. Anyway, I’m not really upset or anything, just a little baffled at the level of bizarre. Of course, I’m not going to cancel my account, as it’s great free publicity for sending people over to my own much smaller website. Finally though, if you and I have ever exchanged emails on Facebook, believe me, I like you very much and don’t think you’re strange at all. No, of course not…unless you’re asking for my Paypal account or calling me a sweet flower of the morning who will bring you the joy and love you fervently seeketh in life (but not spelled that well). Good luck!

5 thoughts on “What is it About Facebook?”

  1. A lot of those asking for money are robots. Literally robots. Facebook is like your email address. You get a few messages and mostly random garbage unless you set up some sort of privacy.

  2. I have a FB account but not as Audrey. Honestly, it is not my favorite place to socialize. I much prefer FetLife. There I can show off what I’ve done, lol…

  3. Funny, I sent you a friend request a couple of weeks ago, at most, and you accepted. It was out of the blue. We have never interacted, I just follow your stuff here at your site. While sifting thru profiles and pages as “Dave,” which ain’t my real name, either, I stumbled across yours and decided to send a friend request. You have to look at my profile closely to figure out that I might be a crossdresser, and even then, you’d think I was an admirer.

    That said, I liked Facebook back in 2007. I had deleted my MySpace page outright some time prior. MySpace was painful when it came to the crap you noted. I reluctantly joined Facebook, expecting to hate it as much as MySpace, but I found it was much better organized and seemed to do a better job at controlling the garbage that permeated MySpace.

    Facebook was popular in 2007, but at a fraction of the scale it is today. Much like MySpace, it’s a victim of its own success. As the dominant social outlet online, it has been overrun with garbage. It still is so much better than MySpace ever was, but I feel your pain, slightly. If I ever create a profile for Michelle, then I’ll really know of what you speak.

  4. I hear ya, Sandra. One of the reasons I’m not there. Also don’t have the time (or don’t make the time). If you use it for nothing else than driving traffic to the web, that’s a good enough reason to stay. Do you play much with Google+? Less icky, I think. Can do more things.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sandra … everyone. Blessings to you and your families during the holidays. This can be a tough time of year for some folks. If you’re in that place, sending you hugs from Tennessee. :)


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