Finally Met that Crazy Babette

A couple weeks ago my archrival and new friend Babette Jones from Bound to Tease was down here in Southern California and we finally had a chance to meet after emailing occasionally over the last eight or so years. She was a lot of fun, with a great sense of humor. After meeting at the TEASE party first (very fitting), later I was able to visitor her here in the Valley and hang out for a long afternoon. It was kind of a power struggle as we’re both controlling bitches but Babette was no match. Even though I was tied up briefly at one point, it didn’t last for long and eventually our roles were reversed, as of course they would be. As I’ve gotten a little older I rarely find anyone who’s a match for dominating me and this was no different from most encounters. If you’re with Sandra (from now on I refer to myself in the third person) you’re probably going to end up in bondage and also heavily gagged, while I smirk and laugh; that’s just how it goes these days. In any case here are some candid shots that Babette sent me taken from the video camera. (I know they’re mostly me but that’s what she sent me, really. And hey, how come there were none of her tied up?!) It was a really fun party the night before and a fun day hanging out, and Babette was such a smartass that I’m actually smiling and laughing in most of these!

9 thoughts on “Finally Met that Crazy Babette”

  1. The way I remembered it, you were practically in tears when I was all over your bound and gagged gorgeous body. I will admit to pretending to be afraid when I was bound and gagged but frankly I could have gotten away at any time. I of course fancy myself a team player and that would have been bad for the video so I continued to act afraid.

    Also you didn’t play fair by wearing that skin tight outfit and making me feel those incredible boobs while whispering naughty stuff while I could barely move. Also I’ve alerted the Burbank Chamber of Commerce about me, being an innocent visitor, having been welcomed by having your panties stuffed in my mouth and overwrapped excessively.

    In spite of your lascivious behavior, I really enjoyed meeting, possibly, the only other person in the world who has any idea what my life is like.

    Regarding any disagreements about what happened, we could probably settle any dispute with a re-match.

    Seriously, we’re adorable, especially you!

    Gagged Kisses:

  2. Well, I’m sure the Burbank Chamber of Commerce has better things to deal with than a sissy drag queen crying foul; besides, I don’t think I was the only one practically in tears! With those panties nearly shoved down your throat I just remember that frantic head shaking and pleading with those pathetic whining and mmmphing sounds…If we have a rematch it’ll only turn out even worse next time, I’m sure, with even more tape and tight wrapping…

    But yes indeed, cute pictures and what a fun time it was…even if I was the most domme-ly! ;-)

    Hugs, Sandra

  3. Be happy to ref any dispute. Will supply lots of tape, rope, and leather. You two will have to supply panties and pantyhose for gags. Happy holidays************

  4. So when you say you’ll supply the leather, I assume we’re both getting something like new thigh high boots, mini skirts, some sweet ball gags and leather halter tops?

    Having a ref would be awesome and I assume the winner gets to tie you up and do whatever they want to you?


  5. I think there needs to be a neutral bindee to give an impartial view of the bindings. It’s the only way to get an unbiased opinion of the escapability of your ties.

    And since I’m such a nice guy, I can volunteer for this job. You ladies can even set my work attire. 6″ heels are my limit.

    Cheers to you both and I’m looking forward to the pics!

  6. Those are fantastic candid pictures of you, Sandra. ;) I’m glad you posted them; you are usually very leery of candids.

    As far as out-dominating… lol! My dear Sandra — you’d have no chance with me, and you know it. ;D

    [And I’d be doing a lot more than just smirking and laughing at you, if I ever let The Katt out to play when I had you tied up. ;D ]

  7. Sandra has a beautiful smile, a beautiful body, a really sweet(and focused) personality, great legs, a demure and sexy voice. As I visualize I’m quite distracted and I’m… a…oh oh excuse me, I’ll be right back !

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