Didn’t Always Love the Bee Gees But Do now

As I mentioned on Twitter I heard the Bee Gee’s song, “Nights on Broadway” two days ago on Pandora and it’s still stuck in my head! It’s funny, but growing up in the “Disco Sucks!” era I was completely dismissive of them. Music of course is such a personal preference, and a song or band either grabs you or it doesn’t. It took me a while but I’d have to say they’re now one of my favorite groups.

An online friend sent me a link to the same song being performed live and it’s pretty darn good. I especially enjoy the look of relaxed concentration in Robin Gibb’s face when he comes in with his lines. And Maurice Gibb doing his falsetto at the end just makes me smile! The only sad thing is how Barry Gibb is the only one left, his brothers all long gone. They defined an era, of which I was mostly oblivious as a kid but I appreciate them so much more now that I’m old(er).

6 thoughts on “Didn’t Always Love the Bee Gees But Do now”

  1. There’s a surprisingly great documentary on the Gees, HBO I believe, that I’ll bet you’d enjoy.

    1. I’m doing just fine, just got my second shot so I’m feeling optimistic about that. Keep up the good work Sandra! :)

  2. yes….the HBO special is so good…answers a lot of questions…what a great group and great songwriters!

  3. Back in 1978 I was stationed around Nuremberg, Germany. Because the PXs got the latest music before German stores and night life competition was hot, some of us would go in and out of the PX four or five times to buty Saturday Night Fever for $5.00 an album. (You could only buy one album at a time.)

    We would sell the records for up to $25.00 each to night clubs. Life was good.

    We also sold jeans, coffee, tea, liquor, cigarettes’ , camping gear and toilet paper on the black market.

  4. I kind of grew up with the Bee Gees, nowadays I really love their music.
    But what I really love about them is that they were a family, Brothers.
    They were almost four, but the tragedy was, young Andy died the year he finally signed up with his older brothers.
    Family really important to me these as I lost my beloved partner to cancer earlier this year.
    We should have been married, but we run out of time, so when a re-run of any Bee Gees music is on, I’ll usually tune in to watch it.

    Rod xxx

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