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We all have our own favorite go-to videos, the ones that turn us on every time…or at least until we’ve seen them fifty times in a row! And even then they can still be pretty hot.

I’ve joined a good number of paysites over the years and what I find is that there are usually only a handful of scenes that really turn my crank, so to speak. What turns us on is just such a personal and individual thing, and can be so specific, about a certain gag or a certain outfit or a favorite color of hose. I’ve had people write me about scenes that I’ve thought of retiring from my website and they surprised me by saying it was one of their favorites! I’d say if I find ten percent of the scenes to be hot on a given websites then that’s pretty good. And I’m sure it’s probably the same for everyone who visits my website too (and whose support I always appreciate!) I wish every update could be super hot for everyone but again it’s all personal taste and preference.

One of my favorite videos on my site is a short struggle video with Silvia Snow tied cross-legged and gagged with smooth duct tape. There’s no storyline but she pleads and plays the damsel very well and the scene suggests that she maybe got robbed and left that way or abandoned by some unscrupulous bondage partner earlier that night. This was a scene that we shot right at the end of the night, just a “quickie” scene before we called it quits, and it exceeded expectations. Silvia was just so cute and I find the video really hot.

Another scene that I really like – well, actually the still photos in this one – is the first scene I ever shot with Ashley Washington. I just love the woman’s business suit she was wearing and the sexy platform heels she had on. She just looks so cute and pretty, like a helpless young TS office lady in a bind – definitely a favorite.

It’s funny that with both of these models, Silvia and Ashley, I only got to shoot with each of them once or twice. Sometimes distance gets in the way, or people move on, or time just passes. There are many other scenes that I enjoy on my site, and so many sexy and attractive girls that I’ve worked with. I find though that I rarely ever get turned on by looking at myself in bondage, though I know some models love to see themselves bound. Somehow though it rarely ever clicks for me seeing myself tied up, although the recent video with the Irish Eights cuffs came pretty close.

I hope everyone who reads this blog has some favorite videos or scenes that also stand out on T’s in Trouble. If you’d like to share, do let me know what your favorites are and what you particularly like to see – I’m always looking for inspiration!

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  1. The ones that stand out as extra hot to me generally involve some breath control. One that Star Nine did with you with your nose mostly taped up is just soooo hot! I also loved some old ones you did where you were in a leg sheathe, single glove, pump up gag with hood, and then bagged! I’m sure those were incredible experiences.

  2. Thanks, Michelle. That scene with Star was a good one I agree! I should try to do a take two of that scene with the partially taped up nostrils again the next time I see her. And those other scenes must be the ones with Ol’ Sarge. He plays intense for sure!

    1. Exactly, Ol’ Sarge, I remember now. Maybe you need to do with with Star where it picks up with you, exhausted and nearly out of breath, and then you hear the door, thinking it’s the maid, but it’s her finally returning. Then she can do more nefarious things. :)

  3. The video you have of you self tying with the nylon stocking on on your face is still one of my go-tos. You also had one back in the day of you in just bra and panties with your head in a stock and I loooved that video. Really dig seeing you so exposed you have a great body.

    I also love just about any video where you show off your stocking feet.

    1. Thanks, Rckflg…Glad you like that self bound video! Oh wow, I totally forgot about the one in the stocks. That was SO long ago. You don’t still have a copy of it by any chance, do you? Just curious. I’ve lost a lot of the older videos…Thanks for the comment! ~Sandra

      1. Sadly I do not. I have switched computers a couple times since having it, and it along with numerous other photos have been lost. 😥

        1. No problem, Rckflg! I thought I was really good at backing up the old material but sadly I think some of those early scenes are lost in the ether…or maybe still viewable on some Russian tube sites, lol.

  4. My favorite of yours (though they’re all wonderful) is a super old one where you’re wearing a green top and stocking hood and your captor keeps pushing your skirt up to reveal satin panties, with you pleading and pushing it back down all the while. It’s probably my favorite naughty film of all time, I wish I had it saved somewhere!

    1. Oh wow, that is an old one, if I’m thinking of the right one. I think that video is still on the website, one of the oldest ones on there. It must have been TankerDriver who was pushing up my skirt and then he spanks me pretty hard at the end. He was fun and intense! Thanks for the comment!

  5. Hello Sandra,

    WOW, that’s a tough one. From your site, there are many videos that I love. The video of you chairtied by m4bd wearing a blue top and sporting a white otm gag is one of my all time faves. You wear the white otm so well and it is my all time favorite gag. The video featuring Kyra wearing white knee socks and hopping that I requested some years ago is also a go to. Too many to name. lol

    1. Thanks, Darrell! Wow, that Kyra one is an old one, if I remember right. I don’t think it’s on the site anymore but hopefully you downloaded it. Glad you liked that chairtie too – that was a tight one!

      1. Sadly the Kyra video didn’t survive all my PC upgrades but the pics are still on your site. Maybe you’ll do another one. :)) One thing you said at the top about bondage being individual using a gag for an example. All my go to videos have one thing in common, a tight, white, OTM gag. I saw one at an early age and my bondage gene was awakened. There are some sites that do it well but your OTM gags are amazing plus you always get good camera angles.

        1. Hi Darrell, It looks like I still have the old Kyra video with her hopping on my computer. If you’d like I could email it to you on Dropbox, just let me know if it’s okay to email you directly…Glad you like my OTM gags. I try to do them just so, as well as the camera angles :-)

          1. I would be forever grateful if you would and yes it is ok to email it to me directly. Yeah, I’m a bit of a gag snob. They have to look just right to me. lol

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzLRKBJ0Q84

    This clip is from the 1992 TV movie “Whispers in the Dark”. The lovely Ms. Annabella Sciorra is a psychologist who is trying to help a depressed young artist with his demons. In this particular scene, he breaks into her apt and proceeds to hogtie and gag her. At the time, this was a pretty risque scene for “regular” TV. It’s not that good a tie but the way the shot starts out. . . a tight close up on her bound stockinged feet and heels, then proceeding with a slow pan over her tied wrists leading to her mouth stuffed cleave gag is a great shot. Ms. Sciorra later complained that the director repeatedly had her do take after take until he was “satisfied”. Can you blame him? ha

    Years later, Annabella Sciorra made the headlines for a different form of “abuse”. She was one of those testifying against the worm Harvey Weinstein.

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