Saran Wrap Weekend

It was a nice weekend. Friday night I met a friend named Master S. up at Threshold for the monthly TG party. We’d been talking all week about doing a scene with saran wrap. I’m a freak for mummification so I’d been looking forward to it all day. Altogether I was wrapped up from head to toe, wearing only my underwear, for about two and a half hours. I kept trying to escape, wriggling and poking a finger through the plastic, but Master S. would just add more. He wanted me to either escape or beg to be released. Finally I knew I wasn’t going to get out on my own and I had to plead with him through my gag to release me. He let me out and I lay back exhausted with an arm around his waist. It was fabulous.

Then Saturday night I was down in Orange County at Mistress Jordan’s Dragons Gate party and wouldn’t you know? More saran wrap! I met my friends Mistress A. and her sissy Victoria (and also finally got to meet R., a nice online friend whom I’ve been talking with for a while). Mistress A. and Vickie tied me up, spanked me with a hair brush and then finally wrapped me again in saran wrap. They had their hands all over me as I drifted in sealed up helplessness. And finally after being cut out, I lay there on the floor gently touching and being touched. I was in heaven. Two very nice parties in one weekend.

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