F11 on IE

All right, a total geek post today. I admit my favorite browser is still Internet Explorer, even though I know how much grief Microsoft gets, and much of it warranted, though I’ve never been a big hater on them – I like having relatively inexpensive computers that work, uh, pretty well, uh, most of the time (how’s that for an endorsement ;-) And I sometimes use Firefox and even Opera but I always come back to IE, and of course always download the security patches for it and have the latest version, as its security issues are well known. Still I like it.

A couple neat tricks on IE: If you hit the F11 key it makes all the borders and stuff disappear on your browser so all you see is the webpage you’re on. Try it if you haven’t – it’s pretty neat, and is great if your looking at a full size image that’s just slightly too big for your browser window. Hit F11 and you can see it all, and hit it again to go back to normal. Another nice trick is using the Backspace key, which acts just like the “back” button up on top. Hit “Shift-Backspace” and it acts like the forward arrow to go forward to a page you’ve already visited. Sounds confusing but do some back and forth and then use the shortcuts and it’ll make sense.

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