New Ball Gag

Here’s a shot from a recent shoot with this new ball gag I got from Hottbonds, while hanging out at Bizarre Bazaar a few weeks ago. This thing is about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and I can just barely get it in my mouth. I like how it looks but it’s pushing even my level of strenuous so I’m not sure how much I’ll shoot with it. It was a fun shoot though, using some new leather straps with Gromets, and the full set will go up sometime in the new year.

6 thoughts on “New Ball Gag”

  1. Sandra,
    It makes me more than a little nervous to see you use such a strenuous gag!!!
    I have read in other places about models who suffer permanent jaw problems from the long-time use of gags that are too large or strapped in too tightly.
    I have also read about models who have suffered shoulder and nerve problems from too many elbows-together bondages.

    Please tell me not to be scared on your behalf.

    The grommet straps are VERY interesting. It looks like you might almost be able to lock them on with a small padlock.

  2. Hi Dim,
    Yes, those are all very real concerns. I probably won’t be using that gag too often, as it is really pushing the limits for me. I appreciate your concern and have certainly thought about such issues myself…

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